Rip Offs Explode

People in dire financial straits are being targeted by swindlers offering loans, mortgage assistance and extra income. Here's how to tell real rescues from rip-offs.

Is my case civil or criminal?

Often in property cases this question is the first causality of a bad act.  The situations are various: someone misrepresented a fact, a promise to hold funds was not honored, an “ex” kept a piece of personal property after the break up, etc.  But not all wrong doings are crimes under the law, and not all criminal cases are resolved.



Bump Key Warning

A thing called a "bump key" can make your house an easy target for a burglar. Watch this video to see how it works.


Are You a Victim of Theft or Fraud?

So, you think you’re a victim of a theft or fraud?

Step one: Gather your information. Are there any records, photos, or other witnesses to help confirm and tell your story? You want to provide a clear and complete picture to law enforcement.


You May Already be a Winner

I recently received an e-mail that was clearly a scam.  Recognizing such e-mails is easy when you’re familiar with fraud, but, frankly, most people see through these scams. Lotteries, quick-cash business opportunities, and impounded fortunes—the stories behind these internet flimflams are hard to swallow.  But some people do fall victim to these scams.


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