The Houston County District Attorney's Office handles thousands of cases each year. These major offenses are handled by divisions within the District Attorney's Office. Each Assistant District Attorney is assigned to a division and handles predominantly those type of cases, however there are always exceptions.
# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 Erikka Williams, Chief Assistant District Attorney Chief Assistant District Attorney 478.218.4810 478.218.4815
2 George H. Hartwig, District Attorney Serious Violent Felonies 478.218.4810 478.218.4815
3 Venity S. McCoy, ADA Theft Unit 478.218.4810 478.218.4815
4 Kirby Wincey, ADA Narcotics Unit 478.218.4810 478.218.4815
5 Jill R. Banks, ADA Narcotics Unit 4782184810 478.218.4815
6 Daniel P. Bibler, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney 478.218.4810 478.218.4815
7 T. Clifton Woody, II, ADA Special Victims Unit 478-218-4810 478-218-4815
8 Jacob W. Poole, ADA Assistant District Attorney 478.218.4810 478.218.4815
9 Greg Winters ADA Property Crimes Unit 478-218-4810 478-218-4815
10 Mark W. Anthony, ADA Assistant District Attorney 478-218-4810 478-218-4815
11 Sabrina Byrne ADA Child Support Enforcement 1 - 877 - 423 - 4746
12 Brian Granger Narcotics Unit 478-218-4810 478-218-4815

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District Attorney George Hartwig

George is Houston County's newest District Attorney and is responsible for servious violent felonies and homicides. (more)


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