Juvenile - Court Ordered Programs

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In order to participate in the following programs, your child must be ordered by the Juvenile Court.

Baby Think It Over – This program is geared towards teens that are engaging in risky sexual behavior. BTIO is a computerized doll that the teen must carry around and take care of. It cries at all hours of the night and must be tended to, similar to a real baby. The Baby monitors total crying time as well as incidents of neglect and abuse. Participants must also write an essay about their experience.

Stolen Moments Shoplifters' Workshop – This program is for first time shoplifters apprehended in Houston County Stores. The program is designed to avoid a court appearance. Participants must actively participate in the workshop and create an one letter of apology which is presented to the local merchant, complete 10 hours of community service, pay a $35.00 fee . Participants learn how shoplifting not only affects them, but how it affects others in our community.

Fatal Vision – This program is an interactive program geared to show teens how alcohol impairs their vision. Workshop participants wear special goggles that simulate different levels of alcohol impairment. They are then asked to perform tasks, showing them that even a little bit of alcohol can make it very dangerous to drive. They are also given the opportunity to hear from real officers who have had to work drunk driving fatalities.

Domestic Violence Intervention Program – This program consists of several weeks of intervention training and counseling to help avoid future incidents of violence within the home. There is a separate session for parents. All participants (parents and children) are required to actively participate in every class.

Tracking — The tracking program is supervised by Southwest Key. The tracking program is an alternative to detention. Participants must follow all rules and curfews established by their Trackers. Depending on the level of supervision required, participants may be “tracked” several times a day.

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