Juvenile - Drug Information

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Houston County is a wonderful place to live and go to school. However, drugs are tearing apart our community. Parents, it is no longer safe to think “It’s Just A Little Weed”. Our kids are not only smoking marijuana, they are doing other dangerous drugs as well. If you think your child may have a substance abuse problem, please contact the Phoenix Center (478) 988-1222.
Meth / Ice

This is just one of the many faces of Meth death. This drug is destroying our teens. Many teens experiment with “Ice” and get hooked.



Marijuana is an extremely popular drug among juvenile delinquents. What most kids don’t know is that marijuana is being laced or mixed with drugs like PCP. This increases your chances of addiction!


Ecstasy (MDMA)

This may look like harmless candy but this is actually a dangerous drug. Just one use can lead to overdose, causing brain deterioration and even death!


Triple C’s / Skittles / Coricidin Abuse

Many people think that if they abuse an over-the-counter drug like Coricidin pills or Cough Syrup that it is not dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth!


Crack Cocaine

You may think that Crack is just an inner city drug, but that is not true. Teens right here in Houston County are getting high from Crack Cocaine.


Perscription Drugs

Many teens do not realize that prescription medication is highly addictive. Please be careful with your medications at home. They should be secure at all times. Experimentation can lead to permanent brain injury or death!

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