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Fighting In School Tickets


Fighting in school poses a major risk to students and teachers. If your child participates in a fight at school they will receive a ticket. The fine for the first fight is $50.00. The money must be paid to the Juvenile Court. This is an alternative to going to court.

You have a right to fight the ticket and have a hearing on the charges. However, if you are found guilty of fighting or disrupting public school you may still be subject to fines, court costs, and probation.

If you have received a ticket and wish to set a court date contact Juvenile Court (478) 542–2060.

FAQ About Fighting Tickets

My child was just defending himself, do you expect him to just stand there and get beat up?
If you believe that you have a defense to the charge, you may fight the ticket in court. However, before setting a court date it is recommended that you speak with the school about the situation.

My child hit another student at school and that child did not hit back, can’t I just pay a fine?
If your child hit another student they will be charged in juvenile court. They may be subject probation and mandated counseling for anger management.

What if I don’t pay the fine?
Failure to pay the fine will result in charges being brought in juvenile court. You may then be responsible for not only the fine but court costs as well.
Weapons At School

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Weapons of any kind at school expose everyone to danger. Although your child may not have brought a weapon to school with intentions to harm someone, that weapon could fall into the wrong hands. That is why the school and the District Attorney’s Office must be tough on those who bring weapons on school grounds

O.C.G.A. 16-11-127.1 makes it a felony to bring a weapon to school or in a school safety zone.

Weapons include (but are not limited to):

  1. knives, switchblades, razors
  2. Guns, bb guns, rifles

If your child is caught with a weapon on school grounds you will be subject to suspension or expulsion from school as well as juvenile court charges!
Under Georgia Law the possession of a weapon on school grounds by someone age 13-16 is a Designated Felony Act. This means that the court could sentence your child to 1-5 years restrictive custody in a YDC.

Your children are expected to have knowledge of everything in their possession. Please check their bags before they leave for school.

"I forgot the weapon was in my pocket" is not an excuse!

"The knife belongs to someone else" is not an excuse!

"I found the weapon on the way to school" is not an excuse!


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