Juvenile - Workshops

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The DA's office sponsors several monthly workshops. Some of the topics include:

Alcohol and Underage Drinking – This workshop is geared towards teens that are making the wrong choice to drink underage. Presenters from the Sheriff’s Office explain the laws concerning underage drinking and how they can affect your driving privileges. The Officers also speak about real life drunk driving accidents that they have had to work. This program also includes elements of the Fatal Vision Program.

Drugs – This workshop is geared towards parents who are concerned about drug use and teens that may be interested in trying drugs. Presenters from the Sheriff’s Office display actual drugs (seized marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, Meth, and ice) so that parents know what to look for. Parents learn about the warning signs of drug use. Teens learn what many drugs are made of as the Officers explain, in detail, what drugs can do to a person, and how drug abuse can change your life.

Anger Management –This workshop is present by counselors from the Phoenix Center. Participants are taught ways to deal with their anger, as well as discovering the true source. This class also deals with bullying intervention.

Get Straight – This workshop is geared towards children and teens who are making poor decisions. Presenters speak on a variety of subjects, including drug use, sexual health issues, and making good choices. Participants will also hear what it is like to be “locked up”, or to be on probation and real life stories of teens who made choices that change the entire course of their life.

Peer Pressure – This workshop is geared towards teens that are making poor choices and hanging with peers who are also making poor choices. Presenters will help the teens find positive was to deal with negative pressure. They can also learn from other teen’s poor choices.

Adult and Teen Driver Responsibility – This program teaches young drivers and their parents about their responsibilities on the road. It explains how the TADRA laws have changed, and allows parents to ask questions about their teen drivers.

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