LawDog Attorney Access Now Available

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Welcome to the most advanced criminal discovery system in the United States. In an effort to make the discovery process as easy as possible, as quick as possible and as efficient as possible, we will give you the opportunity to enter our database via web access. You will be able to view information about your client's case and have access to much of your client's file, including upcoming court events, discovery, motions and more. All discovery is now digitized and provided to you online. This is the delivery system that we have incorporated to comply with Georgia's discovery statutes. If you have any problems with accessing discovery, please let us know.


First things first:

You will need to sign up! To do that, we need a written authorization from you that gives us permission to create an account for you to enter our database. Click the following link to view and print the form:
pdf Online Case Access Consent Form

Once that form has been executed and sent to the DA's office, and you have a confirmation email from us, you will have LawDog Attorney Access to any defendant you represent.



PART ONE: Standard motions can now be filed electronically. The following motions have been standardized and are viewable as a PDF document:
pdf Standard Motions

You will have the opportunity to log onto the system and "file" any or all of these motions electronically. When you create and authorize the motions checklist, a copy of the motions checklist will be provided to you electronically and it will also be printed in our office. We will file it with the Clerk for you, saving you the expense and trouble.

Savings for you? You don't have to print, copy and file these with the Clerk and my office. We will file the "motion checklist" for you! By agreement, filing the "motion checklist" means that the "standard" motion is deemed filed for all purposes. Should the matter go up on appeal, the actual standard motions will be substituted by the Clerk and added to the record of the case.


Savings for us? We don't have to receive, open, review, scan and file your motions, they will be automatically filed into our database when you electronically file them.

PART TWO: By agreement, we too will file motions electronically. We will send the scanned PDF motions to your email address. If you require additonal confirmation, we can send you a fax showing what motions we sent to your email.

A certificate of service will accompany motions showing that both sides have elected to avail themselves of electronic service of motions.


Once you have created an account, you will then be able to see all discovery that the DA's office possesses about a particular file.

1. Documents are filed as a PDF document.
2. Videos and audio tapes are converted to Flash video and are either downloadable or can be viewed in your browser. The original AVI file can be downloaded or you can view/download the FLV file.
3. Photographs are viewable in Adobe Acrobat or similar type of photographic viewers.

If you do not have Internet access or have limited download capability, a computer is made available to you at the District Attorney's Office for use. Please bring CDs, DVDs or a Memory Key (USB) for copying the information onto media storage. We do not provide printers for printing file materials.

Should you have problem viewing or downloading information, please call Dan Giammetta (478.218.4810 during business hours) or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it during non-business hours. He will get back to you as soon as possible.


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