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 They want to be your local source for all things about carrying your firearm in the State of Georgia. They have a page dedicated to the newbie who wants to learn about the basices in Georgia of carrying a firearm. They have a page were all of our past Facebook posts are assembled so you can do a live search for any issue. They have a page set asside for "reciprocity" which means what do other states allow you to do in the state when it comes to carrying your firearm.


The content of this website is not updated by Houston Count DA. This link is provided for your convenience.


Overview of Firearms Offenses and Prosecution

Unlawful Possession of a Firearm (16-11-123)

A person commits the offense of unlawful possession of firearms or weapons when he or she knowingly has in his or her possession any sawed-off shotgun, sawed-off rifle, machine gun, dangerous weapon, or silencer, and, upon conviction thereof, he or she shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of five years.


Interesting School Question for Wednesday

Question from citizen: I see we are spending a lot of time making sure our kids go to the correct school. I saw on the news this morning that the crime rate in Houston County is up 19%. Are we losing focus on our job here as law enforcement? I could see this if we were out of anything to do, the streets were safer than ever, and we were just trying to justify our positions. Seems crime is slipping and we are concentrating on the trivial things. Why don't we get back to the basics clean up our streets then focus on the less important items. I am a tax payer in both Houston and Peach County. I don't have a problem with it. We are prosecuting these people and the criminals remain on the streets. Are we just working on the easy crimes?

Signed, Anonymous


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. My ex-husband lives in Houston County but I live in Peach. I am the primary physcial custodian but we have always shared equally custody of the children. We want the children to go to Houston County schools. My ex-husband pays child support to me. Can my children go to Houston County schools? Answer: No. The primary physical custodian is the mother. That is where the children have to go to school.


School "Out of Zone" Reports Continue


We have had many anonymous comments about out of zone and out of county violations, which we appreciate. Those reports have led to the investigation of dozens of individuals for fraudulently obtaining services from Houston County's Board of Education. We urge anyone with information to continue to provide that to us at www.houstonda.org/schools or call us at 478-218-4264. We value your reports and want to investigate any complaint. Based on the information obtained so far, over 125 children have moved to their correct school zone. As of Friday, September 11, 2009, there were 132 children withdrawn from Houston County schools. While some of those are withdrawals in the normal manner, many were not. If half of those withdrawals were for school zone problems, that meant a savings of more than $180,000.


More than 500 people have been banished from Houston County

More than 500 people have been banished from Houston County

WARNER ROBINS - More than 500 people have been banished in Houston County since 1998 when the District Attorney's Office started tracking this sentencing option.


Houston County Bar Awards Scholarships

The Houston County Bar Association awarded six scholarships each for $500 to local students for its annual Law Day celebration. The awards were based on the students’ essay “Lincoln, a Legacy of Liberty” where each essay tried to define President Abraham Lincoln’s impact on history and the law of the United States. The students chosen were: Allyson B. Rhodes, Warner Robins High School; David Burke, John Renshaw and Talia Mangus all from Houston County High School; Alexander Cartwright, Westfield; and Yesmine Releford from Perry High School.


Legislative Session Was Not A Bust

I've heard about the "do nothing" legislative session of 2009, but from a prosecutor's viewpoint, it was by no means a bust.

SB13 changed Georgia law to allow a prosecutor to seek Life Without Parole (LWOP) instead of the death penalty when the facts lend themselves toward life in prison instead of the ultimate penalty. Previously a prosecutor had to seek the death penalty to get LWOP, which drove up the costs and lengthened the time that it took to get justice for the victim's family.


Breakfast With The Gang Investigators

Enjoy a free breakfast with fellow teachers and local ministers, get a little education in gang recognition and learn how you can change a young person's life forever.

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