Domestic Violence Victims

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The most challenging part of working with victims of domestic violence is watching them get stuck in the cycle of violence. My hope is to equip them with the right information so they are able to break free of that cycle.

-Meredith Howell, Crime Victim Assistant (HODAC)

Only one-third of domestic violence cases in the United States are reported. It includes physical violence, sexual violence, emotional abuse, economic abuse and stalking. Almost one in four women and one in six men are victims of domestic violence in the U.S., however, the actual figures may be higher due to the large number of cases that go unreported.

Victim advocates are trained to understand the cycle of violence and to provide understanding, empathy and resources to the people battered by domestic violence. Domestic violence victims typically have needs that go far beyond what the criminal justice system can provide. One of the key roles of victim advocates is to provide the additional resources these victims need. This includes psychological, medical, and economic resources.


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