Domestic Violence - Who Is At Risk

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Who is at risk?

If you think someone you know is in trouble, watch and listen closely.

Someone who is being battered might:

  • Show signs of physical injury
  • Be afraid of the partner's temper
  • Avoid friends and seldom be seen with the partner in public
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Let the partner make all the decisions
  • Apologize a lot for the partner's behavior
  • Drink heavily or use other drugs

The person who is doing the battering might:

  • Act very jealous
  • Have a bad temper
  • Show no respect for the partner
  • Be nice one minute and nasty the next
  • Yell at or threaten the partner in public
  • Criticize or embarrass the partner in front of others
  • Control all the money
  • Throw things or get physical when angry
  • Mistreat or abuse pets
  • Drink heavily or use other drugs

What if I'm not sure?

Even when you know what to look for, it can still be hard to know for sure that someone is in a violent relationship. The person might deny there's a problem. And you could be mistaken.

But be concerned if you stop hearing from the person or if the partner tries to keep you away.

Try to keep in touch.  Call or check in often.


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