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Victim Advocates serve as a bridge between the victims of crime and the prosecutors who handle their cases.  They are in invaluable part of the District Attorney's Office.  Felicia Richardson heads the unit.

There are many trying to help people in their greatest time of need would be the most important. When a person is in a situation that is less than ideal, and there may be confusion about how the criminal justice system works, hopefully we can help lessen the confusion and ease the burden so they may focus on what matters most, being restored to where they need to be.

-Felicia Richardson, Victim Assistance Coordinator

The Houston District Attorney's Office partners with the Rainbow House to provide victim assistance. Felicia Richardson, Dawn Raymond, and Amy Thomas serve adult victims of crimes in Houston Superior Court.  Their office is located in the District Attorney's Office.

Linita Berryman from the Rainbow House provides services to children who are the victims of crime in Houston County. Linita and the Rainbow House serve a vital role due to the long-lasting impact crime can have on children.

Tamara Rodriguez serves the victims of crimes in Houston County Juvenile Court.


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Victim Assistance

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