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RODERICK DEMAR LAWSON, age 24, was sentenced on July 17, 2014, in Houston County Superior Court

RODERICK DEMAR LAWSON, age 24, was sentenced on July 17, 2014, in Houston County Superior Court for two counts of Armed Robbery, one count of First Degree Burglary, and two counts of Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Crime. Judge Edward Lukemire sentenced Lawson to Life without the possibility of Parole plus an additional 10 years to serve in prison without parole. Lawson earned the “no-parole” sentence because of several prior felony convictions on his record.

The charges in this case stemmed from a January 9, 2013, home-invasion robbery during which Lawson and a co-defendant entered into the victim’s residence at gunpoint and demanded various items. Numerous items were stolen during the robbery but only a few were ultimately recovered. Lawson and his co-defendant, who had pleaded guilty and testified at the trial, told the victims numerous times that if they did not cooperate, they would be killed.

Roderick Lawson was prosecuted by Houston Assistant District Attorney Greg Winters.

COMMENTS FROM ADA GREG WINTERS: “The Citizens of Houston County need to know that crimes of violence and intimidation will be punished severely. This man senselessly wreaked havoc on the lives of those terrorized in this home invasion.  His poor decisions have earned him a spot behind bars for the remainder of his life. I am very pleased with the work of lead Investigator Tom Daly, Perry Police Department, and the sentence handed down by Judge Lukemire.”

COMMENTS FROM DA GEORGE HARTWIG:  “Criminals that threaten Houston County citizens and put their lives at risk will not go unpunished. My committed prosecution team will continue to seek a full measure of justice for victims of these young, violent criminals.”


JAMES ANTHONY MADISON, 44, OF Warner Robins, GA, was sentenced today on two counts of AGGRAVATED ASSAUL

JAMES ANTHONY MADISON, 44, OF Warner Robins, GA, was sentenced today on two counts of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT, to 20 years to serve in prison as to count one and to 10 years probation as to count two, to run consecutive to the sentence in count one, meaning a total sentence of 30 serve 20 in prison.

On December 9, 2013, Madison poured gasoline on his girlfriend and her daughter and threatened to set them on fire. He also had a lighter and matches. After soaking his girlfriend in gasoline, he lit a match and moved toward his girlfriend. He also would not let them leave the house and made several threats to kill them.

Madison pleaded guilty on May 20, 2014 before Judge Katherine K. Lumsden and was sentenced today by Judge Lumsden after a sentencing hearing.

James Anthony Madison was prosecuted by Assistant DA Clif Woody and was represented by Michael Rivera.

JAMES “DANNY” CURLES, JR., 29, of Warner Robins, GA, pleaded guilty.

JAMES “DANNY” CURLES, JR., 29, of Warner Robins, GA, pleaded guilty this morning to one count of ATTEMPTED MURDER (of Lt. Jeff McCommon) and two counts of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT ON A PEACE OFFICER (Sgt Wayne Fisher & Det Justin Clark). Curles was sentenced to 45 years and ordered to serve the first 25 years in prison with parole possible. Curles was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $11,745. He, now a convicted felon, is also prohibited from owning or possessing any firearms for the next 45 years.


On June 27, 2013, Curles, Jr., used an SKS assault rifle to fire multiple rounds at several Warner Robins police officers. In excess of 50 rounds were fired by Curles from and within his residence on Galaxy Avenue in Warner Robins. At least 10 rounds struck two marked Warner Robins police vehicles that had responded to the scene. The siege, which began about 5:30 that afternoon, caused the neighborhood to be locked down for about 2 hours. Curles actually fired his weapon for over an hour. Lt. Jeff McCommon was the initial officer fired upon. He took cover behind his patrol car which was struck by at least 8 of Curles' shots. Sgt. Wayne Fisher and Det. Justin Clark responded to assist Lt. McCommon and were both fired upon. Curles eventually put down his weapons and was taken into custody. No shots were fired at Curles by police because officers were concerned for the safety of neighborhood residents.


CURLES pleaded guilty before Judge Edward D. Lukemire in Houston Superior Court and was immediately sentenced. Curles has been in custody at the Houston Detention Center since his arrest on June 27, 2013. He will be given credit for the time already spent in jail.



“It is an absolute miracle that not a single person was shot that day. This situation had the potential to lead to multiple people getting shot. The Warner Robins police officers did an outstanding job investigating containing this situation and doing everything possible to protect neighborhood residents. The officers are to be commended. They faced a very dangerous and potentially deadly situation for almost 90 minutes. James Curles, Jr., deserves every bit of 25 years in prison.”


James Curles, Jr., was prosecuted by District Attorney George Hartwig and Assistant DA Mark Anthony. Curles was represented by Keith Fitzgerald of Hogue and Hogue, Macon. For additional information, call District Attorney George Hartwig at 478-218-4810.

Michael Dewey Allman (39) of Warner Robins, Georgia, was convicted by a Houston County Jury

Michael Dewey Allman (39) of Warner Robins, Georgia, was convicted by a Houston County Jury on June 12, 2014, for the attempted murder of Terry Keith Robbins. The jury found Allman guilty of two counts of Aggravated Assault, one count of Possession of a Firearm During a Crime, one count of Possession of a Knife During a Crime, and one count of Attempted Murder. Houston Superior Court Judge Katherine Lumsden sentenced Allman to 40 years with 15 years to serve in prison. Because Allman is a three time convicted felon, he will be required to serve the entire 15 years without parole.

On March 9, 2013, Robbins was a guest at Allman’s house. They spent the night there with their girlfriends. The next day, Allman mistakenly assumed that Robbins had taken some money from his girlfriend. Allman took a loaded shotgun and assaulted Robbins who was sitting in a car outside the house.Allman fired the shotgun three times, and then jumped in the car with a switchblade knife and stabbed Robbins over ten times. Robbins bled out in the car to the point he lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. He had no money on his person or in the car.

COMMENTS BY DISTRICT ATTORNEY GEORGE HARTWIG: “I am very satisfied with this conviction and sentence. It sends a message to the community that no one can take the law into their own hands and jeopardize the life of another who has done nothing wrong.”

COMMENTS BY DEPUTY CHIEF ASSISTANT D.A. DAN BIBLER: “Mr. Robbins was brutally attacked by Allman for no reason to the point he came within an inch of losing his life. I am glad that the jury recognized that and held Allman accountable for what he did.”

The case was prosecuted by Deputy Chief Assistant D.A. Dan Bibler and Assistant D.A. Mark
Anthony. Michael Allman was represented by Attorney Russell Walker of Perry.

Questions about the case should be addressed to Mr. Bibler at 478­218­4810.

TEVIN CARROLL CONVICTED OF 3 COUNTS OF AGGRAVATED CHILD MOLESTATION Tevin Terome Carroll was sentenced this morning in Superior Court of Houston County to 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole, followed by LIFE on probation, on 3 counts of


Tevin Terome Carroll was sentenced this morning in Superior Court of Houston County to 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole, followed by LIFE on probation, on 3 counts of Aggravated Child Molestation. He will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, and a special condition of his probation will be that he may have no contact with the victims. He will also be required to compensate them for expenses of counseling necessary as a result of these offenses, up to $5,000.00


Carroll was convicted by a Houston County jury last Friday (April 11, 2014) after a 3 day trial. The jury deliberated for 2½ hours before returning a guilty verdict on all three counts of the indictment.



COMMENTS FROM ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY MARK W. ANTHONY: The graphic nature of the abuse and the fact that it had been occurring over a long period of time, coupled with the young age of the children, made this case especially heart wrenching. I am grateful that the jury was able to determine what had been taking place, and that these children are finally safe from this predator.


COMMENTS FROM DISTRICT ATTORNEY GEORGE HARTWIG: The Houston District Attorney's office places the highest priority on protecting the children in our community. We will aggressively prosecute cases where the evidence points to sexual abuse of minors, and offenders need to be on notice that the consequences to convictions of this type will be severe.


Assistant District Attorney Mark W. Anthony served as lead prosecutor on behalf of the State. Mr. King was represented by Nick White, Public Defender. Questions about the case may be referred to Mr. Anthony at (478) 218-4810.

Andrew Martin “Man” Holiday entered a plea of guilty to one count of Trafficking Methamphetamine and two counts of Sale of Methamphetamine.

On  Thursday,  March  20,  2014,  Andrew  Martin  “Man”  Holiday  entered  a  plea  of  guilty  to  one
count  of Trafficking  Methamphetamine  and  two  counts  of  Sale  of  Methamphetamine.    He  was
sentenced  by  visiting Judge  Tillman  Self,  III,  to  10  years  in  prison,  followed  by  10  years  on
probation, a fine in the amount $200,000.00 along with other terms of probation.

Between November  8,  2012  and January  10,  2013  a joint investigation  by the Houston County
Sheriff’s Office  and the Warner Robins Police Department shut  down  a major Houston County
drug distribution organization. The organization was based in Kathleen, GA, at the Holiday family
compound.  The investigation ended on January 10, 2013 with the execution of numerous search
warrants in Houston County.  On that day law enforcement officers from multiple agencies served
seven  search  warrants  simultaneously.  Police  recovered  in  excess  of  six  ounces  of
methamphetamine, numerous growing marijuana plants, prescription drugs, multiple firearms, and
over $60,000.00 in cash.

Andrew  Holiday  was  the ring  leader  of  this  criminal  organization.  He  and  co­defendant  David
Baker, who previously pleaded guilty  and is  currently serving his sentence, lived in  a trailer on
Milton  Holiday’s  property.  A  large  quantity  of  methamphetamine  was stored  at  the  trailer  and
other locations around the Holiday property.  Several actual drug transactions occurred at another
trailer located on Holiday Circle in Kathleen as well as other locations in Houston County.
Also yesterday, another co­conspirator, Michael Lofton, entered a plea of guilty to one count of
Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana under the same indictment.  He was sentenced to 2 years in
prison followed by 6 years on probation and a $1,000.00 fine along with other terms of probation.
This  case  was  prosecuted  by  Assistant  District  Attorneys  Kirby Wincey  and  Daryl  Manns.  For
additional information, call ADA Kirby Wincey @ 478­218­4810.



This morning, Judge George Nunn sentenced Sheila Henderson to 10 years in the death of Andrew
Calloway. Ms. Henderson entered a plea of guilty without recommendation to the charges of
Involuntary Manslaughter and Cruelty to Children. After a lengthy sentencing hearing, Judge
Nunn sentenced her to 10 years of which she must serve the first 2 in the Houston County Jail.
Ms. Henderson was taken into custody immediately. As part of her sentence, Ms. Henderson is
forbidden to run any more day care facilities. During the sentencing hearing witnesses spoke on
behalf of Ms. Henderson, who had never had any problems with the law before. The judge also
heard from the parents of Andrew, Brittany and Andrew Calloway.
In July 2011, Ms. Henderson was running an in-home day care center. Ms. Henderson and
another family member took the children to church and then out to eat. After returning home, Ms.
Henderson went inside with another child and presumed that someone had brought in Andrew.
Andrew had fallen asleep in the car and did not get out. Ms. Henderson believed that he was
napping on the floor but did not verify that it was him. In fact, Andrew remained in the hot car for
over an hour. The temperature that afternoon was in the mid 90s. Andrew suffered heat stroke and
died as a result. He was three years old.

QUOTE FROM ERIKKA B. WILLIAMS CHIEF ADA: We are extremely pleased with the Judge's
sentence. We believe that justice has been served for little Andrew. This was a tragic incident but
was avoidable had Ms. Henderson taken certain precautions in her role as a day care provider.
Nothing that we did today could bring back Andrew but this guilty plea and sentence are a step
towards healing for these grieving parents.

Ms. Henderson was represented by Greg Bell.
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