Property - Science of ID Theft

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How Do They Do It?
  1. "Shoulder Surfing" - Looking at your financial information (checking account number, etc.)while behind you in line.
  2. Dumpster Diving - Looking through your trash to get your account numbers.
  3. Mail Theft - Actually stealing your credit cards and other information from your residential mailbox.
  4. Internet - Sending fraudulent emails to "verify accounts" that require disclosure of financial information.
  5. Work - Dishonest co-employees accessing your employment records to obtain social security numbers, etc.
  6. Home - Dishonest relatives going through your mail or applying for credit cards in your name.
  7. "Wiping Checks" - Stealing your checks and then changing the name of the person you made it payable to while leaving your valid signature.
  8. Needless Information Gathering (Stores) - Disclosing unnecessary information during purchases, i.e. phone number? when buying auto parts?
  9. Skimming (Swiping) - Dishonest employees accessing your information when making a legitimate charge to your credit card.
  10. Change of address forms - Filling our unauthorized change of address forms to have all your mail, including financial information, to another address.
  11. Phishing (Fake Problems) - Calling your house with fake "problems" with one of your actual accounts and requesting your account information.
  12. Posing as landlord or employer - Calling your bank and trying to "verify" your account information while posing as your landlord or employer.
What Do They Do With It?

  1. Change billing address for credit cards
  2. Apply for new credit cards
  3. Get a phone in your name and never pay the bill
  4. Get a bank account in your name then write bad checks
  5. Counterfeit checks or credit cards
  6. Take out auto loans
  7. File for bankruptcy in your name (Their debts in your name)
  8. Driver's License (Get drivers license in your name and then use it as identification when charged with a crime)

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